Thank you very much for interest to Russian diving history.


1999 - official state registration as non-profit organization (N 176001 from December 24, 1999) with Gauzen’s helmet as logo.

2000 - Orbeli’s descendants official permission for rights to name after Ruben Orbeli for HDS Russia

2001 - determination of the main rules and regulations in the national and international contacts of HDS Russia.

2002 - HDS Russia successful re-registration as a legal entity.

Since 2002 – publication of scientific works of HDS Russia.


In October of 2017 in the Central Navy Museum a historical diving exhibition was opemed.


6-volume edition about history of diving written by Alexander Sledkov got a literature award of Alexander Belyaev


In September of 2017 in Slyudyanka city on Baykal Lake a monument devoted to the military divers was established.


In late August in Prague took place the working meetings with representatives of HDS Czech Republic


The Kronstadt Maritime Museum is temporary closed for expansion and restoration since March 1 to autumn 2018