Dear friends,

A few days ago, I visited Irina Vasilkova, the granddaughter of the famous diver Alexander Razuvaev. Her phone number was forwarded to me by Alexey Usov from Vladivostok, who published on the EPRON Hist website interesting information about Razuvaev, who was arrested before the war, but released after the outbreak of hostilities. Irina kept many interesting photos, newspaper articles and documents of her grandfather, the epaulettes of the captain of the 3rd rank and the diving chevron, as well as the plate he raised from the German submarine U-250. Razuvaev was awarded many orders and medals, passed on by his descendants to the Central Naval Museum. And when I asked Irina where the gold watch with the words "To the Brave diver, the first in the USSR to reach 44-fathom depth", which he was awarded in 1931, was located, she said that they were exchanged for a piece of bread during the blockade…
Sincerely yours,
Alexander Sledkov March 22, 2021