Dear friends

January 28, 2019 a commemorative plaque by Mikhail Shemyakin devoted to engineer and diver Nina Sokolova (1912-2001) was placed in a house on Petrogradskaya side of SPb. We are obliged to the fact that this plaque appeared, first of all, Vladimir Shatrov and other enthusiasts, who proved to officials need of its installation. Nina Sokolova was engineer hydrotechnician and licensed standard dress diver. She posessed the idea to lay the fuel pipe on the bottom of Ladoghskoye Lake to blocked Leningrad, what saved many lives. She spent 644 hours under water in general, was twice wounded, and after the II WW taught in Naval Engineering School. In two days prior to opening of commemorative plaque in our country the events devoted to 75 anniversary of break of Leningrade blockade began at the Piskarevskoe cemetary where among others in 1943 was buried in a mass grave a Head of Diving School George Zeelov. The largest number buried in this cemetary was registrated on Fabruary 20, 1942 - 10043. For these who could think that I was mistaken, I'll repeat: TEN THOUSAND FORTY THREE PERSONS ! There were several cemeteries in besieged city...
Sincerely yours,
Alexander Sledkov Febryary 3, 2019