Dear friends

In late August I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Prague and enjoy not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but the meetings with HDS Czech Republic representatives. Czech Society is not numerous, but its activity is quite high. The Czechs are not only involved in the international historical diving activities, but also annually holds a conference that includes retro gear diving in the lake, where for this purposes was helicopter flooded. In Czech Society there is a museum which contains an interesting collection of regulators and other equipment, for acquaintance with which I express my sincere thanks to HDS president Oldrich Luks, whose son and grandson continue the father and grandfather work. I had got a huge impression in Prague Technical museum where you can see the set of Franz Clouth equipment circa the end of XIX century, and the Military Historical museum in Olshany, which I owe to Jaroslav Klepal. I am sure that the exchange of information between our organizations will continue, and Czech colleques in the future will be able to visit St.Petersburg and enjoy objects of Russian diving history.
Sincerely yours,
Alexander Sledkov September 10, 2017